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Care Tips:

- Plant in well-draining, porous cactus soil.

- A pot with a drainage hole is essential

- Provide lots of direct sunlight. A southern exposure is ideal and grow lights are recommended in fall and winter months.

The growth cycles:

Spring and summer are their growing months. Water thoroughly whenever the soil is bone-dry or if the plant starts to look dehydrated/shriveled.

They will flower near the end of summer / beginning of fall. Cease watering after they flower!

Over the winter months, do not water, no matter how tempting it may be! During this time the plant will split in half and a new plant will emerge from the center. The new plant(s) will survive off the remaining nutrients stored in the older plant. If you water during this time, it may confuse the plant, stunting its growth and potentially leading to its demise.

Start the watering cycle over in the spring or when the leaves of the old plant have completely dried up or have fallen off!