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Cacti - Assorted with Ceramic Pot

Cacti - Assorted with Ceramic Pot



Cactus - Assorted. 5.5" pot

Plants must be picked up. We do not ship them

  • Light - At least 2-3 hours of direct sun daily is recommended 
  • Humidity - Cacti and Succulents prefer dry conditions - do not mist
  • Water - Water well when soil is completely dry. Dry soil is usually hard and pulls away from the pot. Excess water will sit at the bottom and too much will lead to root rot. Depending on how much sun your Succulents are getting and the season, you may need to water anywhere from once a week to once every several weeks. About every 3 weeks is typical. Water from the bottom (by placing the plastic pot in a sink filled with a few inches of water) whenever possible.