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Lazy Susan with IOD Transfer - Step by Step

Posted by Josée on

Let's get crafty!! We've put together a kit for you to make your own lazy susan using our IOD transfers and Fusion Mineral Paint! Here's the step by step:

1- Paint a light coat of Fusion Mineral Paint. You can add a bit of water if you'd like to have more of a wash effect. Allow this to dry. You can then do a dry brush with your second colour. Let your paint dry at least 1 hour before proceeding with the transfer.

2. Cut up your transfer with the backing stil on and play with positionning options. 

3. Remove the backing and position one of the transfer pieces. If you are layering pieces, make sure to transfer on first the pieces that have a straight cut so that you can layer over top another piece to hide that straight cut. Rub on gently with the stick, holding onto the transfer with your other hand, or even taping it to your surface. Peel off the sheet gently.

4. I laid on the pieces with straight edged first, then overlapped with other pieces to hide those straight cuts.

5. Once you've applied all your transfers, go over them with your fingers to burnish them and remove all air bubbles.

6. Go over the entire surface with the clear top coat. Do 2 coats. 

7. Once dry, attach the hardware to the bottom then add the cushions. Optional: you could have another wood piece cut up and add that instead of the cushions underneath if you wish.

8. Done and show it off!! Congrats!! :)

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