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Dare to blend colours!!

Posted by Josée on

Here I blended some Damask, Raw Silk and English Rose from Fusion Mineral Paint to get that beautiful dusty rose. Don't be afraid to mix colours, it's super easy! Fusion Mineral Paint even has a ton of custom colour recipes here:

Once the paint had dried, Islightly distressing the edges with a medium sanding sponge and I applied some black wax all over and then wiped off excess. Work in small sections when applying coloured waxes as you don't want them drying up before you get a chance to wipe off the excess and create the perfect blended effect. Tip: Always have some clear wax on hand. You can use some clear wax on a clean piece of your lint free rag to blend in the black wax, or even to erase it comoletely if you don't like the look.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask befoee you purchase any of our products! :)

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